Eye Care-Specific Electronic
Health Records Software

As the nation’s leader in eye care-specific practice management software, ManagementPlus provides the user with more features and customer support than any other product.

Our software was developed by actual healthcare professionals to determine what features and resources would be of the greatest importance.

Our customer support team is always standing by to assist you with all aspects of this process. If you manage an eye care practice, there is no better place to trust than ManagementPlus.

Scheduling Options

ManagementPlus provides two scheduling options, allowing practices to select the most efficient option to reduce patient wait time. Resource-Based Scheduling allows allocating resources such as rooms, technicians, equipment and physicians in the most effective way, allowing you to maximize resources and increase office scheduling efficiency.

The ManagementPlus template-based system resembles the daily calendar sheets common in practice management scheduling. As with all ManagementPlus products, both solutions are easy to set-up, easy to use and designed to maximize revenue and increase patient satisfaction.

Optical Sales and Inventory Control

Increased sales revenue from your optical shop can make a significant difference in practice profitability. With most systems, managing inventory and tracking sales is time consuming and troublesome. Because of this, staff members tend to resist inspecting inventory and find little incentive to promote products.

With ManagementPlus Optical Sales and Inventory, managing a point-of-sale optical shop within your eye care practice consumes little time and effort. Seamlessly integrated with billing, scheduling and EHR, our optical inventory management solution is the complete system to manage a successful optical shop.

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Enterprise Based System

Our enterprise-based system was designed to grow with your practice. Whether your practice has one physician or twenty-five physicians, our software was designed to fit your needs. Our practices range from solo provider/location to multiple provider/multiple locations.

You can have the peace of mind that your practice will not outgrow ManagementPlus.

Revenue Management

Accurate billing and timely collections can make the difference in the financial success of your eye care practice, whether you are an ophthalmologist, optometrist, or other eye specialist. ManagementPlus Revenue Cycle Manager was developed by healthcare professionals with accounting expertise and allows you to set up your billing process according to the way your practice functions.

With extremely accurate coding and reduced data entry errors, our highly efficient revenue management system has enabled users to reduce practice accounts receivable days to fewer than twenty.

Best-in-Class Support

With a 97% live call ratio and a 98% first time claims acceptance rate, ManagementPlus offers you the support you deserve. Our in-house, U.S. based technical support team is here to help your practice run efficiently, thus improving patient care and maximizing profits.

ManagementPlus provides you the support you need, allowing you to do what you do best: care for your patients.

Based in Salt Lake City, UT, ManagementPlus has been providing practice management solutions to eye care professionals since 1995. Our founder, Christine M. Archibald began this company with the goal of providing affordable, effective, and user-friendly software to help increase workplace productivity for ophthalmologists, optometrists (OD), doctors (MD), optical shops, and other eye care practices.


A great amount of time, effort, and research went into the development of the ManagementPlus software. We provide the world’s very best software along with our signature customer service to form a combination that surpasses any you will find in our industry.

Developed by healthcare professionals using best-in-class technology ManagementPlus Eye Care-Specific Practice Management Software is the most user-friendly practice management solution available. The highly intuitive interface was designed by software engineers with ophthalmology and healthcare administrative experience.


With a 97% live call ratio and a 98% claims acceptance rate, no other eye care-specific practice management solution can offer greater efficiency or better support.

Best-in-Class Support


No matter when you need assistance, the experienced team at ManagementPlus will be there to help you. We understand how to help optometrists, ophthalmologists, and other eye care professionals with situations that are unique to their practice. Based in the USA, our in-house support staff boasts a 97% live call ratio and 98% first-time claims acceptance rate. Our goal is to make sure that you spend as little time as possible on the phone while still getting all the information you need.

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Get your eye care-specific practice operating at an extremely efficient level with electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records from ManagementPlus. These EHR and EMR systems will sync up to all levels of your practice operations, including scheduling, forms and reporting, billing, filing health records, and optical sales. ManagementPlus software is easier-to-use and more efficient than any other ophthalmology or eye care practice management software you can find on the market today.


No matter how your practice functions, our EMR and EHR software can fit your needs. We can customize our products for doctors of optometry (OD), pediatric ophthalmology, glaucoma specialists, and other types of medical practices. Check out our products page to learn more about electronic medical and health records.


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