ASC Management for your Practice

In their endeavor to increase practice financial stability many practices have added or are looking to add an ambulatory surgery center.  This brings about the question how to handle the ASC management?  Although rare some EHR and practice management vendors also have an ASC module available as part of their offerings.  This is great as it allows practices to still have a completely integrated system.  Another caveat is meaningful use, currently surgery centers are not being held to the meaningful use standards.  We all foresee this changing and maybe even in the near future.  So what are the key benefits to look for in a system.

As I said previously a fully integrated system should be a top priority as it means every part of your practice functions as a single unit.  Although interfaced systems work it is great to have a single system, one company to call with questions, never having to worry which part of the system may need to be adjusted.  Another area of high importance is the ability to customize the ASC forms to follow your current workflow.  This can be a great time saver as implementation and on-boarding take less time.  When it comes to the inventory side of the equation the ability to group individual items into a set for easy reporting is a great asset and makes inventory a breeze.  Also purchase order capability should let you auto-order when supplies reach your set stock number ensuring you are always prepared with accurate inventory on hand.

If you have an ambulatory surgery center and are looking for an ASC management system or you are thinking of adding one to your practice you should look into ManagementPlus, they are a full software suite and offer a fully integrated ASC module.  ManagementPlus is fully certified for meaningful use and are always adding new enhancements to keep up with changing technology.  I think you will find the customizable forms a huge asset to your practice.  The inventory side of the system has so many benefits that can streamline your daily processes.  Having the ASC integrated with your practice management and EHR saves time and means you have access to everything you need with the click of the mouse.  Reach out and ask to view a demonstration of their ASC electronic health record forms and the inventory side of the equation, I know you won’t be disappointed.