Ophthalmology EHR, where will it take us in 2017?

I find the ever moving meaningful use target fascinating, but on an implementation side it can be very frustrating.  With last minute changes in reporting requirements it is a full time job to stay on top of everything.  Last minute reporting changes only seem to add to the confusion.  So how are ophthalmology practices keeping up with everything?  In many cases I have found that physicians are looking at their ophthalmology EHR system to assist them in staying on top of the changes.  This is quite an interesting trend; the final reporting is the responsibility of the practice but the software has to be certified.  There are a few vendors that go out of their way to simplify the process and make reporting an easier process.   Along the same lines they seem to be working hard to simplify other processes to help the practice run more efficiently.

One of the EHR vendors that has really put in a lot of work is ManagementPlus.  I have spent a lot of time working with their practices and have been so excited by the processes practices have implemented to increase their financial success.  The EHR software is not only completely customizable but they also offer a form designer tool for the advanced user.  At their User group meeting in October I got to see some very exciting enhancements created for individual practices.  It is amazing what the software can do to meet changing requirements or just to make day to day processes easier.   Watching practices think outside the box to simplify a process is an eye opening experience.  The fact that the software can be customized to encompass their creations is a huge achievement.   From creating Macros to document a set of items in a single click to a super summary that populates everything in an exam to one viewable area for the doctor to quickly review.

It is so refreshing to see how an ophthalmology EHR vendor has been so active in making the process more user friendly but at the same time adding advancements that had not been seen before.  The ability to customize the electronic health record has brought about some truly exciting advancements.  The individual practices are the ones who use the software on a daily basis and their input as to changes that benefit their practice are priceless.  If you have not seen a customizable EHR system you are truly missing out.  Reach out to ManagementPlus and see for yourself the value of truly customizable EHR.