Optometry EHR, the Ever Changing Picture

The one thing we know for sure is the optometry EHR will change, just as sure as the sun will rise new requirements will be added.  Just look at the MIPS and MACRA change going into effect January 1, 2017.  Meaningful Use standards and guidelines will continue to evolve and as such optometry EHR software must evolve as well in order to meet the new guidelines.  That brings up an interesting question, how has your software vendor improved and what standards have they implemented in order to make meeting the new requirements easier?   Many vendors will say it is the physician responsibility to meet meaningful use, and although that is a true statement many EHR vendors have gone above and beyond to make meeting those standards as easy and pain free as possible.  With the higher pay reductions for MIPS it is even more essential to meet the requirements and have a vendor partner that understands the guidelines and works to help you succeed.

A good vendor can also assist you in other areas as well, the ability to see more patients, communication with physicians outside your practice, minimal click form documentation, etc.  With so many advancements happening in technology each day it is fascinating the enhancements we have seen in electronic health records.  I know many practices were reluctant to go the EHR route in the beginning but if you have not seen todays EHR you are truly missing out.  The exciting part of the equation is that through electronic record enhancements we have also seen the same enhancements spill over into other areas of the practice.  For instance, who would have thought two years ago that charges from the EHR could go directly into a charge worklist?  This enhancement makes posting charges easier and more efficient.  Another nice benefit is the ability to send an RX directly to the optical shop, such a time saver and positive benefit for both the patient and the practice.  Patients are happy not to have to wait and practices are happy as the patient is more likely to visit the optical shop.

With so many benefits from a good optometry EHR system it is great to see so many practices reaping the benefits.  I know the customers I work with are so appreciative of the ongoing enhancements to electronic health records.  From helping them meet meaningful use to simplifying the day to day processes of running a busy practice.  If you have not switched to an electronic health record system or your system does not seem to be growing with the times, you may want to look at today’s EHR vendors and see just how they can assist your practice.