Practice Management Software, changing with the times.

Practice Management Software has been around for longer than some of us can even remember.  Not too age ourselves but if you have been in the medical industry long enough you may even remember old DOS based systems.  Thankfully things have come a long way since then and now our practice management software takes on more functionality to keep practices running smoothly.  It is nice to see the enhancements in software are not solely based on electronic health records.  Practice management has really changed with the times, today’s software can even tell you exactly where your patient is in your office and how long they have been there.  The nice thing is even before your patient arrives new technology allows them to complete required paperwork saving valuable time at the office.  With pre-eligibility checking you even know if the insurance is valid and what payments you need to collect when the patient arrives.

These are just drops in the bucket of how practice management software can streamline daily processes.  Systems that offer resource based scheduling allow you to create schedules that calculate the time needed by each resource for the office visit.  For instance, template style scheduling has set appointment types with set times.  New patient may be a 30-minute appointment, but the physician is only one component of that appointment.  You may also have a tech workup or testing during that 30-minute appointment.  With resource based scheduling you can set appointments knowing that the physician is only needed for 15-minutes of the 30-minutes appointment, resource based scheduling allows you to set up each of these as an individual resource and schedule accordingly.  Increasing the number of patients seen each day is a huge factor in resource based scheduling.  Some other areas where we have seen huge advancements are billing and reporting.  Intuitive systems allow you to set advanced billing rules to auto-populate often missed items or alert a staff member that additional information is required.  This allows for cleaner billing allowing you to get paid correctly the first time.  New reporting functionality has practices creating reports on virtually any field in the system.

With all of the changes in the medical industry, and payments being reduced or requiring stricter guidelines, it is imperative to have a vendor that understands what it takes to keep a practice running smoothly.  We know that technology changes daily and it is nice to see practice management software advancing as well.