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Our Valued Partners

At ManagementPlus, we are constantly striving to improve our software and make it more beneficial for eye care professionals and their patients. This commitment to excellence has led us to create partnerships with several other companies and integrate their products with ours. Our partners specialize in many different areas including instructional videos and animations, drug information and patient safety, eye care technology, and information exchange. Learn more about our incredible partners on this page.

client_1American Academy of Ophthalmology has partnered with ManagementPlus to offer its patient education handouts which is credible, accurate and up to date patient handouts on 110 topics in English and Spanish from a centralized system. The American Academy of Ophthalmology is the world’s largest association of eye physicians and surgeons. A global community of 32,000 medical doctors, they protect sight and empower lives by setting the standards for ophthalmic education and advocating for our patients and the public.
Acuant MedicScan
client_1MedicScan® is integrated with ManagementPlus to extract images and data from documents such as driver’s licenses and medical insurance cards to automatically populate your patient demographics screens. This streamlined patient registration process eliminates the need to photocopy or manually enter information, resulting in greater efficiency, reduced human error, and lower costs. Learn more about MedicScan hardware options and how it integrates with ManagementPlus here.
client_1BillFlash Services (aka "BillFlash") is integrated with ManagementPlus to offer customers highly efficient patient statement service. BillFlash is headquartered in Park City, Utah and also offers breakthrough system which improves Small to Mid-sized Businesses competitiveness and profitability.
Carl Zeiss
client_1An international leader in the fields of optics and opto-electronics. In the markets for Industrial Solutions, Research Solutions, Medical Technology and Consumer Optics, Carl Zeiss has contributed to technological progress all over the world for more than 160 years and enhances the quality of life of many people around the globe.
client_1Demandforce bundles the marketing and communications tools that any business needs to succeed with customers today into one powerful web-based application that seamlessly integrates with existing workflow systems, works automatically, and delivers guaranteed results. For more information, visit
client_1Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, DrFirst pioneers software solutions and services that provide real-time access to patient data, improve communication and collaboration at the point of care and across the patient’s circle of caregivers, and enhance the doctor’s clinical view of the patient to help drive better health outcomes.
client_1Eyemaginations LUMA is the most innovative form of patient education and marketing software available. Featuring hundreds of 3D-animated visuals and quality animations – many now of HD quality – LUMA allows practices to present complex information to patients in an engaging, easy-to-understand manner. The software is used by healthcare professionals to differentiate practices and drive profits.
Harland Technology Services
client_1Harland Technology Services is a leading nationwide IT services and solutions provider. They provide IT solutions for over 15,000 customers across the United States. With over 165 strategically located service centers, we are able to provide consistent, reliable service from coast to coast. Over 2500 healthcare providers turn to Harland Technology Services for their technology needs. Harland Technology Services’ Implementation Services also play a key role in the high stakes pursuit of “meaningful use” and Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Key Healthcare industry clients depend on Harland Technology Services to implement secure network solutions and provide support services that are a key part of HIPAA compliance. For more information, visit
HIPAA Institute
client_1HIPAA Institute provides a comprehensive, web-based solution that simplifies HIPAA compliance for US healthcare organizations through online resources and tools, eLearning modules, and end-to-end risk management methods to ensure faster, easier and cost-effective compliance with HIPAA regulations.
LDM Group
client_1LDM Group, LLC (LDM) is a leading provider of behavior based prescription management programs. LDM provides timely and clinically relevant healthcare messaging through its patented process which serves to improve patient compliance and outcomes, while preserving privacy. As a targeted healthcare communications company, LDM connects prescribers, pharmacists, and patients. LDM’s network is made up of e-prescribing, electronic medical record (EMR), and electronic health record (EHR) applications, chain and independent pharmacies, and sponsors of healthcare-related educational materials such as pharmaceutical manufacturers, health plans, payors, and PBM’s.
PDR Network, LLC
client_1PDR Network, LLC is the leading distributor of FDA-approved drug labeling, safety and REMS information, as well as medication adherence and product support programs, through the Physicians’ Desk Reference® (“PDR”) suite of print and digital services. PDR Network provides innovative products and services to deliver industry-leading content across channels, including via®, mobilePDR®, PDR®3D™ and directly through its extensive network of electronic health record partners. For more information, visit
client_1RelayHealth provides the connectivity and solutions that enable constituents across healthcare to exchange information securely and conveniently. By connecting patients, providers, pharmacies, payors and pharmaceutical manufacturers, RelayHealth offers real-time solutions to streamline interactions throughout healthcare. The net result: improved care, faster access, lower costs and enhanced bottom line.
client_1TriZetto delivers world-class, healthcare IT solutions that help healthcare organizations work efficiently and collaboratively to deliver better health. TriZetto solutions serve 200,000 care providers, more than 360 payers and over half the U.S. insured population. TriZetto solutions help health plans and TPAs increase efficiency, improve care, and succeed in the retail healthcare market. TriZetto solutions help physicians and health systems simplify business processes and execute strategies for population health management, accountable care, and value-based initiatives.
client_1TSYS, one of the largest providers of secure payment processing in the U.S., offers merchant services and products that can help businesses of all sizes and industries grow and prosper. We offer tailor-made solutions to merchants and service providers, financial institutions, independent sales professionals and referral/reseller partners. For more information, visit
client_1VisionWeb provides software and technology services to streamline and simplify the eyecare industry. Through our online ophthalmic product ordering and electronic claim filing services, our technology helps eyecare practices, laboratories, manufacturers, and payers drive out inefficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and improve their bottom line.
client_1VSP Global offers world-class products and services to eyecare professionals, employers, and more than 55 million members through a group of leading companies providing comprehensive eyecare coverage, access to cutting-edge frame styles and brands, design of custom interiors and merchandising systems, innovative e-commerce and practice management solutions, and technologically advanced lab services. With the strength and experience of these companies behind it, VSP Global stands apart and delivers benefits, services, products, and solutions that are unparalleled in the world-wide optical industry

Our Customers Speak

  • “EHR information is available to me from anywhere in the world. So even when I’m out of the country I can still be helpful to my patients. E-claims is tremendous. Hit one button and the claim goes through the clearing house. They check it over and if there’s a problem, they make a recommendation which my staff can easily fix and resend. It gets you your money a lot faster. “E-prescribing is another great feature. I can review all my patient medications and see the list of their current medications. I don’t even have to write them down. I can type in a prescription, send the patient to the pharmacy, and the medication is waiting for them. They don’t have to wait in line. They just walk up to the window and get their medication and check out. It works great.”
    Dr. Burt Bowden – MD
    Eye For God, Huntsville, AL 256-829-8292
  • “Everything is integrated, from electronic heath records to optical inventory. ManagementPlus makes billing so easy because you can print super bills and with charges for lenses and procedures ready to go when the patient checks out. “If you set it up properly, everything is automated. When you make changes in your practice procedures ManagementPlus also makes changes and updates quickly. “With our previous system I had a huge folder where I kept all the codes and procedures I needed to refer to. Every time I sent a claim I had to look it up in that folder. Now everything is right in the system. And its all integrated: billing, scheduling, EHR, reports and optical inventory.”
    Ginger Finley – Medical Billing Professional
    Pacific Vision Medical Center, Crescent City, CA 707-465-2020
  • “I wanted to send a note to compliment you on the TEAM you have at ManagementPlus. Without naming names, a recent email from one of your staff to one of my employees with a carbon to myself demonstrated to me what an outstanding group you have within your organization. Just wanted to reinforce that once again. I know that I can never hear enough how good my staff really is. Often times I loose focus and take them for granted.”
    Jack Vinson – Administrator
    Prairie Eye Center, Springfield, Illinios (217) 698-3030
  • “With the conclusion of the annual user’s meeting, I am reminded that another year has rolled around in our relationship with ManagementPlus. I was looking at some old notes that I had made two years ago and am constantly amazed as how quickly and dramatically the program has advanced. I think that the user’s meetings are a great idea and help us keep up-to-date with the advances that you are making, and also provide us a chance to compare notes with other practices. “All of your staff have been very helpful to us over the past couple of years. I want to especially single out Kevin Sloan, who has been our primary contact point with ManagementPlus. Kevin has worked with us to help us understand how the program works, and to allow us to incorporate some of our ideas into the program. Kevin is very calm and patient which has been helpful when we have become concerned about some aspect of the program, which he has then corrected or explained. No matter what problem develops, Kevin can be counted on to come up with a solution. I am looking forward to another great year with ManagementPlus, and working with you and continuing to grow a truly outstanding EHR program.”
    Joseph Chappell, M.D., FACS
    Tupelo Eye Clinic (800) 830-1111
  • “New technology is not limited to medical equipment. Patients’ education, office management, and electronic health records have all changed dramatically during the past few years. We adopted the ManagementPlus EHR system in December 2009 and have worked to integrate every aspect of our practice into the electronic system.”
    Kiper C. Nelson, MD
    Southern Eye Center Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  • “In my 30+ years in the medical field as a Practice Consultant I have been exposed to different specialties and types of software.  Many tout that any report you would ever need has already been done and is included with the software.  It’s amazing that the first report your doctor asks for that is specific to your practice and your geographical area isn’t available?  Then you have to pay to have a “custom report” written.  With the ManagementPlus custom report tool you start with a blank canvas and within minutes can pull together any information needed for a specific request. That’s impressive.”
    Linda Burton, CMM
    Physician 1 Medical Practice Solutions
  • “We all have one or two people in the billing office that know all the intricacies of every insurance company, every code, every referral, what pays, what doesn’t pay.  It can be devastating to a practice if that person leaves.  What if you could take all that valuable knowledge and build it into your practice management software? Enter ManagementPlus Billing Rules. This tool allows you to totally customize all the ifs, ands, and buts specific to your practice.  The end result is less posting errors which means fewer denied claims and more accurate reports. This is one of the most powerful tools I have ever used. We call it “Knowledge Rules!” 
    Linda Burton, CMM
    Physician 1 Medical Practice Solutions
  • “We selected ManagementPlus as our EHR vendor in March, 2012 after careful research. One of the major reasons for this was that ManagementPlus provides the best of both worlds. The initial product is very user friendly. It is visually clean and easy to navigate and use. However, it is also easily customizable and a product that can be built upon to work with your individual practice. “One of our fondest memories was working with Kevin Sloan, EHR Specialist. Every time we would ask if something could be created or customized, he would answer I dont see why not. And 9 times out of 10- Management Plus was able to make this happen. Practices work hard at creating work flows that work for their practices. To be able to incorporate the majority of these into your EHR product is of tremendous value.  Besides being ophthalmology specific, this is clearly one of ManagementPluss strengths.”
    Nadine Hokamp, Administrator
    Provision Laser Eye Center
  • “Federal mandates for electronic records have been no easy task for any health care provider but I do believe Management Plus has made it as painless as possible.  They have been nothing short of professional, sensitive to our needs, and accommodating.  They have also worked amazingly well with our local IT provider keeping me out of the middle for the most part.”
    David G. Sanford, MD Ophthalmology
  • “The efficiency gains are truly measurable in our practice. In the past, I saw an average of 40 patients per day. With an ophthalmology-tailored EHR and practice management system, I am now able to see up to 80 patients per day on a regular basis.”
    Dr. David Misch, MD
    Center for Retina and Macular Disease ManagementPlus User
  • “As the scribe for Dr. Esaa, my job includes completing the assessment/plan page. I just want to let you know that Dr. Esaa and I are both thrilled at how easy you have made the conversion to ICD 10! Awesome job!! Thank you.”
    Karen Mothersbaugh
  • “Eye practices are unique to medicine. We have exams, tests, and terminology that other specialties simply do not have. Management Plus understands, OD, OS, gonioscopy, 99214 and even sales tax on a glasses case. EHR is far too complex to choose a vendor that has ophthalmology as one of their minor focuses.”
    Ron Purnell, Administrator
    Eye Care of Maine
  •  “Working with a JCAHPO-certified EHR specialist allowed us to prepare for Stage II attestation.”
    Marta King, MD Ophthalmology
    Marta King Eye & Optical


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